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Major Mudd

Some of the latter years of Major Mudd were saved on 3/4. When David Mugar
owned Channel 7 they were considering running the shows at 1 AM Sunday
morning to catch the boomers. The idea got skuttled when Sunbeam took

On a personal note, I hope Candlepins for Cash was erased, as I had the
misfortune of being on that show early 1977. The show was taped on Sunday
afternoons down in the basement, and I was on the Friday show, which was
taped last. Mr. Gamere was quite "loose" by the time I was called up. At
least I didn't roll a gutter bowl, but instead hit the headpin full and
wound up with $7.

Still, it was better than my take on being on Who's Who on Whats My Line
in 1973. Soupy Sales for once got it right and after signing 8 zillion
release forms, took home $5 and a St. Mary's electric blanket.

But at least I can say I appeared on the stage of the famous Studio 8-H