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Re: The new emergency alert system

At 07:51 AM 8/7/97 -0400, Rob Landry wrote:

>Most EAS tests consist of six brief buzzing or farting noises (which are
>actually data bursts) and nothing more.  The RMT, however, carries the old
>EBS tones and thirty seconds of bullshit about the EAS and its purpose.
>The EBS tones were supposedly shortened from twenty-odd seconds to eight,
>but WBMX still uses the longer tones because of some old EBS receivers
>in use in the evacuation zone around the Seabrook nuclear power plant.
>So... there were a lot of pissed-off WCRB listeners Tuesday night.

Has anyone noticed the ATROCIOUS audio quality on most of the EAS alerts?
The National Weather Service bulletins are almost unintelligible, and the
RMTs are almost as bad.  With the technology available today, this is imho