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Re: WEVD (was WFAN New York)

> Why couldn't they get back the KOL call?  I thought stations which had a
> three-letter call and changed it can get it back.

Nope...that seems to be the lone vestige of regulation that remains
in place at 1919 M Street NW.  The only way to have a three-letter
call these days is to keep the one you have.  You can move it from
band to band within the market (Salem just recently did that in NE
Ohio, where they bought WTOF-FM Canton and renamed it WHK-FM, to match
their WHK Cleveland), but if you give it up for good it's gone.

The most recent examples to disappear forever are KYA San Francisco,
which became KYCY a few years back, and KOH Reno, which appears to have
been lost by accident.  The owners of KOH (Citadel, I think?) bought
the 50kw facility on 780 (then KROW) and moved the KOH programming there
from the weaker 630 signal.  But somehow, they ended up changing
780's calls to KKOH first -- and rather than doing a call flip when
they sold 630, they let the KOH calls vanish.  So now, every hour on
KKOH, you hear "KOH, KKOH Reno."  Garrett has a sample of it in the 
Archives.  Other recent losses include KHJ Los Angeles (last seen
on Channel 9, KHJ-TV, which Disney changed to KCAL-TV a few years
ago...the old KHJ radio on 930 is now KKHJ).

The only three-letter calls that could now be created in the region
are WBZ-FM, WGY-FM/TV, WOR-FM/TV, and WGR-FM/TV.  All have existed in
the past, except for WGY-TV.

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