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Re: The new emergency alert system

In a message dated 97-08-07 04:23:12 EDT, you write:

> I forget what the new system is called that replaces the Emergency
>  Broadcast System, but I was quite annoyed last night when WCVB interrupted
>  NYPD Blue to run a test of the system.  EBS tests always used to come
>  during a break in the program.  Is there some requirement of the new
>  system that requires them to break into a program to run a test?

The "emergency alert system" replaced the old E.B.S. system as of January 1st
of 1997.  There are several companies manufacturing the units that receive
and decode the various messages.  

Depending on how you have the unit set up the message either goes immediately
on the air or is held so you can insert it at a logical break in programming.

What is probably happening with WCVB is that their unit is set to go as soon
as a message comes in.

Doug McElvein