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In a message dated 97-08-06 01:11:17 EDT, lawyer@world.std.com ('A. Joseph
Ross') writes:

>> To complement WEZE AM 590 out West, Salem is reportedly buying WNEB
>> AM 1230 in Worcester...
>Well, Bob Bittner's beautiful music on WNEB was nice while it lasted.  I
>hope Salem doesn't change the call letters. 

OK folks....  Salem is NOT the buyer.   They were interested but
dilly-dallied for 6 weeks, while someone else who moved faster got it.   The
someone else is "Heirwaves, Inc" a group of 7 Worcester County residents who
have a serious committment to owning their first station.  Some of them have
been in the industry for many years.   Their intent is totally LOCAL

- ----jibguy  (soon to be wneb-exguy)