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Re: WEVD (was WFAN New York)

> >Mr. Salem is Jewish. Somewhat ironic, I believe.
> There is no "Mr. Salem".  And the ownership of Salem is NOT Jewish....

Right on the first point, quite wrong on the second.  Messrs. Atsinger and
Epperson are indeed Jewish.  That may be one reason why Salem seems to be 
run a bit more like a business than some of the other religious
broadcasters out there -- the folks in charge are motivated solely by
business concerns, not by personal beliefs.

And whether you like what they're programming or not, I think you have
to give them credit for being shrewd broadcasters, not just on the
business and programming ends, but also in terms of respecting history --
look at how they always bring back the original calls (or as close as
they can get) when they buy historic stations (witness AM 1300 Seattle,
ex-KOL, later KMPS, and now KKOL under Salem ownership!)

Hmmm...maybe Donna, Dan, and I should start our own religious
broadcasting company ("Swampscott Broadcasting"?)

- -s