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At 05:12 AM 8/6/97 +0000, you wrote:
>On Tue, 5 Aug 1997, Sean P. Smyth wrote:
>> Interesting. I know WEEI... oops WEZE, is nulled to the west, because of
>> WTAG. I am surprised that Salem hasn't tried to work a deal with WTAG to
>> move WTAG to 1230 and shut down 580 and get a stronger signal out west.
>> Sounds like a Salem, publicity-type of thing to do.
>Well, to do that, they'd first have to buy WNEB 1230.  So I suppose they
>may have taken the first step.  
>But then, to have a strong signal to the west on 590, Salem would also
>have to do something about WROW 590 in Albany.
Arguably, Salem is the best managed company in radio. This seems pretty hard
to dispute from the financial side. Moreover, Salem seems dedicated to
obtaining the best facilities that it can financially justify for its
stations. I am amazed that, with WCRN and WVNE in the Worcester market, and
with WFGL and WCMX in Worcester County, that Salem feels it can turn a
profit with WNEB. But you can be 100% positive that they would not buy WNEB
unless they knew almost to the penny how much money they could make with the
station. And given that estimate, whatever price they're paying is not out
of line.

Salem has recently paid top dollar for properties it has acquired, but it
can do so because the company has little or no debt and because it knows how
to make good money with stations that would lose large sums under the
management of others. Salem may indeed have designs on WTAG. (I forecast
this months ago on this list when Salem bought WBNW.) They do seem to be
fixated with AMs at the low end of the dial: WFIL, WMCA, WEZE. My guess is
that WTEM (in DC) will be their next acquisition if Chancellor will deal.
Chancellor has already announced that it is moving WTEM's sports format to
WWRC. I consider it very likely that Salem will come to terms with Peter
Ottmar over WPNW and that Salem will finally build WPNW's long-delayed CP
for 4.6 kW-D/3.4 kW-N DA-2. If Salem and Capstar can cut a deal, I think
we'll see see WNEB on 580 and WTAG on 1230. This would make _way_ more sense
than silencing WTAG and increasing WEZE's power. WTAG has _the_ premier AM
signal in central MA. WEZE can't increase its night power, though a daytime
increase to 50 kW might be possible right now, from the present site--albeit
with no improvement in the signal to the west. If Salem acquires WTAG, how
long before WHYN and WGAN become its acquisition targets?

I also think that Salem is missing a great bet by not adopting the following
slogan for these low-on-the-dial AMs: "The Christian Right is on the left."
With all of the digitally tuned radios nowadays, maybe the time for this
slogan has passed. Too bad, really. But, then again, the Christian Right has
never shown much ability to laugh at itself.

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