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Re: WEVD (was WFAN New York)

In a message dated 97-08-06 02:01:57 EDT, you write:

<< > Can a commercial broadcaster like Salem legally discriminate against
 >or other non-Christians looking to buy time?  If so, that's yet another
 >reason (in my humble opinion) to discourage this sort of thing on the
 >public airwaves.
 I believe the current status of the law is that stations DO _NOT_ have
 to sell air time to anyone they do not want to.  The only exception is
 made for Political spots.  A station may decide NOT to air (any)
 politicals...but if they DO, and sell air time to one party/candidate...
 ..they *must* make time available to the other.  There is a special case
 scenario for politicals...and for the spot price charged. >>

I believe that broadcasters are required to sell commercials to candidates
for federal office (Congress & President), but may refuse to sell spots to
state and local candidates, as long as they refuse to sell to all candidates
in a race.  I remember seeing an article in the trades a couple of years ago
about stations in California who were doing just that because selling to
state and local candidates cost them money.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine