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'Religious' broadcasters....

>  The idea that the proponderance of fundamentalist evanglical
>  programming on commercial Christian stations in the US stems from the

>  preponderance of Christians in the US population does not hold water.
I guess that 
>  Catholics are fundamentalist evangelical Christians, but they aren't
protestants. I 
>  believe that the number of Catholics in the US population is second
only to the 
>  aggregate number of protestants of all denominations, and probably
exceeds the
>  membership of any single protestant denomination. 

Not sure what your point is.  Most of the population of the US is from a
Christian background of some sort (Catholic & Protestant) And most of
the 'religious' programming is Christian based.  And Catholics are just
as receptive to "Christian" programming as Protestants.  While the
Catholic Church has not embraced the elctronic media as quick as the
Evangelicals did....there was a survey done by an owner of a religious
station in the area that found that MOST of his audience was Catholic...
even though most of his programming is produced by protestants.  No one
limits Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, Etc to only listening to
programs from their own specific denomination.