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mystery of WCFR solved

somebody had asked--
>>>Correct me if I'm wrong, but at one time weren't the calls of 1480 in Fall
>>>River WCFR?

Thanks to Steve for the hint about checking FM.  I did, and there was a WFMR
in New Bedford in 1949, as well as a WCFR in Fall River.  The FM in Fall
River was at 93.5 and was owned by Narragansett Broadcasting, with George
Sisson Jr. listed as the president.  But WSAR was still at 1480 and it was
NOT owned by the same folks, nor did it have different calls.  So yes, there
was a WCFR in Fall River on FM in 1949, but it did not survive into the
early 1950s-- it was gone by 1953 in fact.