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Re: Hotlines

Scott D Fybush wrote:
> I remember a certain former general manager at BZ radio who used to
> walk into the studio as Gary was doing the news in the morning.
> Sometimes he'd just sit there and watch; sometimes he'd try to
> start talking to Gary while he was on the air.
> And if you ever thought the PHONE was distracting... :-)
> -s

When I was at the late, lamented WBBX in Portsmouth, NH, in the late 70s
there was a little runt of a salesman who came into my studio one
afternoon and demanded to see the stories I had written about a murder
involving a UNH student.  The suspect's sister was the salesman's
girlfriend...and he wanted to make sure the stories were "balanced".
When I left WBBX in late 1980 they still had not fixed the dent in the
wall in the hallway, opposite the newsroom door, which is where the
little sh*t ended up after I physically tossed him out.
I don't do sales...why do salespeople think they can do news?

Dan Cole