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WNSH Beverly

On 3 August 1997 at 9:39 a.m., you wrote:

>I don't know anything about channel 17, but I have seen a few New England
>changes in the database. Seeing that I am not that much of a "radio person"
>(not in the business, just a hobbyist), I'd like to know what they mean, in
>plain English. The most interesting thing is (and I don't know if it has
>already been mentioned) is the transfer of WNSH from Robet B. Cutler to Neil
>Whitehouse - it is listed under a "voluntary transfer or ownership"

I believe Cutler might actually be the receiver for 1570; that station
entered receivership back in the early 1990s and has seen management
turnover on a frequent basis. Neil Whitehouse I believe is the general
manager; talked to him on the phone once and he seems like a really nice
fellow. The station, as far as I know, runs an AC format heavy on local
items, and does some high school sports.

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