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WJMN will soon be streaming on the Web

I caught an article in the August issue of Databased Web Advisor
which mentions that Boston's WJMN-FM will start full-time, live
audio stream webcasting on the Web very shortly.

I wonder how many other music FMs in Boston will follow suit?
I know we've discussed here in the past how far from perfect Real Audio
Player(4.0) sounds compared to a standard FM reciever but I guess
that's where many radio(and other media) marketing and promotions people
are looking thesedays to expand the audience -- the Web. Just read R&R,
Billboard, HitMakers and it seems like every second article is about how
great the Web is for entertainment-based businesses....

By the way, WEEI-AM's RealAudio site is off-line again.

- -Mark