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Re: Noon Newscasts on WODS or WXKS????

At 06:45 PM 7/28/97 -0400, Bill Piacentini wrote:
>"Gosh! Maybe if we didn't interupt our music with NEWS we'd get a younger
>demographic and our ratings would go up," theorized the old S.C.A.T.S.
>And so closes another chapter in our saga "RobotRadio:More Music, Less
>Personality, and No News"

Just to put things in a bit of a perspective, much of the same criticism was
leveled at WRKO when they first went on the air with Top 40...clustering
commercials (gasp! who wants their spot next to someone else's?), doing
newscasts only every second or third hour outside of drivetime, and
eliminating all the "deejay clutter" of the day, ie chime time, drop-ins,
sound effects and actually having the nerve to segue songs!!!  It's SOOO
sterile!!! You've killed all the PERSONALITY!  

Most of us who were around for WRKO's heyday seem to have pretty fond
memories of it.