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A Challenge

After reading all the discussions about local radio vs satellite,   
religion and it's repeaters, variety vs. small playlists, personalities   
vs. jukebox, and "what I'd do if I had a radio station" posts...

It's time to put our money where our mouth is.  Let's pool our money, buy   
a languishing AM (WSME?), let the techno-geeks among us shape up the   
engineering inequities (yes, even improve that antenna system) and broker   
time to local people who really want to do local radio "their way" - let   
them sell commercial time to subsidise their show.  That takes care of   
talent and sales operations.

It sure beats running a pirate station.  More like community cable access   
without pictures to get in the way.  Why, we could even charge people to   
"learn how to be a DJ" on the overnight.  Heck, we might as well call it   
"Northeast Broadcasting".

When it's successful, we can buy more AM's in other markets and become a   
huge "local" broadcast consortium.  Then we'll sell out to a conglomerate   
and retire.

I got my First Phone (usta be) in a frame. To whom shall I make out my