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Re: Mel Miller -- WMEX

On Thu, 24 Jul 1997, H Glazer wrote:

> When exactly did Melvin X. Melvin become Mel Miller? Were there multiple
> Mel Millers? The one I remember from 1966-7 called himself Mel "Miles of
> Music" Miller.

The Mel Miller I remember from 1962-63 did the late morning show called
"Housewives' Hit Parade" and used a bit of echo with his voice.  Melvin X.
Melvin at the time called his show the "Gold Platter Show."  I think this
was the one on the WROR Reunion.  He talked about turning on the echo as
he did so, called himself both Mel Miller and Melvin X. Melvin, and
invoked both the "Housewives' Hit Parade" and "Gold Platter Show" titles.

I don't know what this guy's real name was, though Donna has assured me
that he was not the same Mel Miller who is/was editor of the Bay State

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