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Anybody notice WEGQ's latest positioner:
"WEGQ, STILL the 70's Specialist, expanding our expertise to the 80's"
Almost sounds like an apology to hard-core 70's listeners.

Half of last night's "Top X At X:00" (where X = 8):

1. Lean On Me - Bill Withers
2. School's Out - Alice Cooper
3. Brandy - Looking Glass
4. Conquistador (live) - Procol Harum

Two over-played mellows(WSSH/old WBMX fodder), a classic and a screamer.   
 Strange mix of listener tastes/votes.  Either very few people bothered   
to call, one person called several times or "School's Out" has been   
featured in a movie/on MTV.  Did Alice Cooper die?