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Re: Back from DX'ing on PEI

In a message dated 97-07-22 06:45:48 EDT, you write:

<< I don't think so. I believe that CKAC on 730 is a Class B. As far as I
 730 is a Mexican clear channel, unlike 940, which is Mexican/Canadian.
 Canadian stations on 730 are all Class Bs, as far as I know. But because the
 status of 940 is different, CBM (while it lasts on AM) is a Class A. the
 late CKLM was also a Class B because 1570 is a Mexican (not
 Mexican/Canadian) clear channel. The Mexican clears are 730, 800 (kind of a
 joke because of PJB) 900, 1050, 1220, and 1570. Mexican/Canadian clears are
 540, 940, and (I think) 990. Canadian clears are 690, 740, 860, and 1580.
 This may not be a complete list; I did it from memory.

I believe the FCC database has a station at 990 listed for Belfast, Maine.
 The station has never existed but I noticed the entry once in the database.
 How can this be the case if 990 is a Canadian clear channel?  Would the
station be a daytimer and if so, why is it still listed in the database since
the FCC no longer grants new daytimer licenses.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine