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In regards to the posts about WBAL.

WBAL and its FM sister station WIYY (97.9 98 Rock) are the last radio
stations owned by the Hearst Corporation. WBAL and WABL-TV are closely
aligned in terms of on air personalities. WBAL radio's morning host Dave
Durian anchors the noon news on the TV station. The on air meteorologist
and both the morning sportscaster and evening sports talk host are on
WBAL-TV, as well. WBAL is the premier AM station in Baltimore, usually
finishing 1st or 2nd overall in the arbitrons. it did take a small hit in
the spring book, which many are pinpointing to the loss of Jon Miller on
Orioles play-by-play. WBAL and WIYY are rumored to be for sale with the
likely bidders being CBS, American Radio Systems, and the Orioles.

Lance Venta