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RE: Hello and Help!

At 10:01 AM 7/20/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Among other things, CDs don't evaporate when your hard drive crashes
>(we've lost two drives so far; thank God for backup tapes!).

Scott's quality control has definitely gone down hill....the first system we
bought has had one drive crash, but otherwise NO hardware problems, the
newer one has had 2 motherboards in the touchscreen controller die, and
there is definitely something funky with the third one.

>For example, our PD complained
>after we installed our Scott System that the station wasn't as loud as
>before.  The problem proved to be a cheap analog audio switcher Scott
>supplied as part of their system.  I replaced it with one of my own, and
>the problem went away.

Yeah, their switchers suck...we replaced 'em with a mixer module on both of
our systems.  Didn't really notice the audio was that horrible, but they
didn't switch very fast....if you had a short event, like a shotgun sweeper
between songs, it couldn't keep up and you got song--->sweeper---->dead air.