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Re: WBOQ and 104.9FM

>Wasn't there another Boston station on 104.9FM?  College-station?

Ten-watt (??) WRBB from Northeastern (one of those beloved Class D
stations) occupies the frequency which you mention. The station was at 91.7
for quite a while until WUMB's power increase forced the station to
relocate. The FCC decided to let them plop down at 104.9. Their signal is
audible faintly on the South Boston/Dorchester line, about as far out as it
goes. At nighttime, they serve the community around Northeastern,
specifically Mission Hill, Dudley Square, etc.

Downtown is primarily WRBB instead of WBOQ, although you could probably get
the latter if you turned your radio the right way. I have picked up the
Northeastern station in the Haymarket area quite clearly, so the low
wattage on 104.9 apparently gets out quite well. Meanwhile, WBOQ has its
transmitter in Gloucester, which makes it really hard to hear the station
on the ower end of the North Shore, specifically East Boston and Winthrop.

I heard talk several years ago that the old owner, the Tanger brother who
sold the station to his brother, was trying to negotiate something with
WRBB so that W-BACH could see its signal improve downtown. Haven't heard
about it since.

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