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Re: WBZ-TV and the Bradford

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, 'A. Joseph Ross' wrote:

> And, of course, since the station was an ABC affiliate, you may be
> wondering why they were carrying Meet the Press and Huntley-Brinkley,
> which were NBC programs.  Well, besides their ABC affiliation, they
> carried any other network programs that the other two stations didn't
> carry.  So they also carried the CBS evening news with Douglas Edwards, as
> well as NBC's noontime game shows, "Tic Tac Dough" and "It Could Be You,"
> which WBZ-TV didn't carry.  And ABC's Mickey Mouse Club remained on
> Channel 7 until the following season.

  Don't forget that they also carried "The Tonight Show" which again
Channel 4 passed on. 

  It should be noted that a large chunk of Channel 5's history sits over
at the Sports Museum of New England in Allston, as they have custody of
newsfilm and 2 inch tape from the old WHDH. WSBK I believe "owns" the
rights to it now as the Herald-Traveler refused to sell the footage to
WCVB. The Sports Museum actually has a semi working 2 inch quad Ampex VTR
that they use to bump stuff to 3/4 inch. One gem that I uncovered was a
Red Sox game from 1962, complete with Narraganset commercials with Elaine
May and Mike Nichols.....and Johnny Most doing the Wheaties
scoreboard...priceless stuff. (Sox lost to Washington)