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On Sun, 13 Jul 1997, Donna Halper wrote:

> Having seen copies of the license, I can say the call letters were swapped
> and nothing else changed.  It was 1931, in the midst of the Depression, and
> not much was moving anywhere.  In September, WBZ/WBZA celebrated its 10th
> anniversary, and also moved its transmitter to Millis to try to improve
> coverage in Boston...

The following is from the route guide to a railfan trip I took with the
Mass Bay Railroad Enthusiasts.  It is dated August 25, 1991, and titled
"Bay Colony Railroad -- Medfield and Millis, Massachusetts."

"...Immediately upon crossing the Charles River, we come upon a dirt road
crossing leading to a couple of houses north of the track.  Just past
this, a new industrial building on the south side houses the Radio
Frequency Company.  Beyond their plant, there is an abandoned brick
building located on top of a small hill. This building housed the original
transmitting equipment of Radio Station WBZ in the 1930s.  Two 150-foot
towers held the station's antennas.  After WBZ moved to its present
Brighton location, this facility was used by the Federal Communications
Commission as a radio monitoring station.  It was abandoned about 1950."

I was going to post this to the list and ask about it a long time ago, but
it slipped my mind.  Does anyone know more about it?

Rob Landry