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A Cyber-QSL?

Okay - I did as I was told and E-Mailed a reception report to WBOC (Should I
send one snail-mail, too?). This reply shows that not all E-mail answerers
for radio and TV stations are rude. First, what I wrote (not too detailed,
but I'm not a pro DX'er!):
>To whom it may concern - 
>  Last night, while channel surfing from my home in Duxbury, MA (north of
>Cape Cod, on the coast) I came across WBOC. Reception was good to excellent
>- aural was perfect, visual had just some static - from about 11:30 to
>12:30, when the signal worsened. I was using no more than an 8 foot rooftop
>antenna mounted at 30 feet. From 11:54 to 11:57 there was some audio
>interruption from what shounded like police band broadcasts, but after
>11:57, the signal was normal.
>  I love the station - I just wish there was a station with such a "local
>feel" here in MA.
>                Sincerely,
>                Keith Barry
Then, what I received from WBOC:


Thank you for writing and for you complimentary words about our station,
especially our "local" feel.  Our "local" feel is probably due to our
viewing area / coverage area being smaller than the area where you live in
Massachussetts and the vicinity of Boston and other major urbans around Duxbury.

You are not the first person that has written to us about watching WBOC in
Massachusetts.  We once has somebody write to us from what I believe is Blue
Hill, MA.  Our viewers also hail from Rhode Island, Cape Hatteras, NC, New
Jersey, and parts of Virginia.  Ths may be due to the fact that our the
signal from our tower that is located in Laurel, DE transmits well over the
open water of the nearby Atlantic Ocean and there is nothing to block the

Once again, thanks for writing.


                                                           Brent Walker
                                                       Senior Online News-Op
                                                            WBOC TV-16

Now, I have also noticed that in large markets like Boston, local usually
means human interest ("Mrs. Wetherby's cat got stuck in a tree")
programming. Well, at least WBZ is using their call letters again (I NEVER
saw any legal I.D. even at midnight during Letterman. Same with "UPN38",
WSBK-TV, which is now running reruns of Charlie's Angels, with a counter
attack from WLVI showing "Three's Company". Aaaaugh!). 

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                                                - Keith Barry