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Re: License plates

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> From: Scott D Fybush <fybush@world.std.com>
> As several denizens of this list know, my car bore the 990 WBZ plates
> for the last month that I was a Massachusetts resident, thanks to
> the thoughtful assistance of some friends at the Registry.
> I will leave it as a trivia contest for the group to see who can be
> the first to tell me why the 990 is significant :-)

Before NARBA in 1941?, 'BZ was at 990.

Only here would I find others who think as I (I do this "radio station"
check frequently while driving)

I have seen 680-KRO (close, but no cigar)

I saw 980-WOR on 93 North the other day.

Now that those plates are used up, Massachusetts is using a 4number-2letter
combo (1234 AB) for plates

Unfortunately, in NH the plates are assigned alphabetically (other than
vanity plates, which at $25 extra a pop, abound) and we're only up to CSN
(the latest I've seen). I'm BHX-300 (no known signifigance) 

PS: I used to see NH Plate "969-BCS" in Derry driving around, but not since
last fall
I wonder why?????????? ;-)
...and NO, I have yet to see "969-KLB" driving by.

Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH