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FW: Oops 7/4

As you can see, WRKO really doesn't even care?

From:  Sarah Wight[SMTP:sarah@wrko.com]
Sent:  Wednesday, July 09, 1997 9:35 AM
To:  RKirk
Subject:  Re: Oops 7/4

I think you have too much time on your hands

> From: Roger Kirk <RKirk@videoserver.com>
> To: feedback@wrko.com
> Cc: rkirk@videoserver.com
> Subject: Oops 7/4
> Date: Tuesday, July 08, 1997 3:18 PM
> If you didn't listen on 7/4, "Oh Boy!" what you missed:
> 1. Announcer (Katz?) reminiscing about a particular song and album
> (let's say Tom Petty for example) while the music played (Creedence)
> bore absolutely no relation to the group the announcer was talking
> about.
> 2. Afternoon Rock 'N' Roll bad-boy "Howie Carr" waxing eloquent about
> Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall Pt.II".  What gets played?
> About one minutes worth of A.B.I.T.W Reprise - not the Real Song.
> 3. Paradise By The Dashboard Light - w/o Phil Rizzuto.  Whatta letdown.
> 4. Marjorie (and Tai - still living in her shadow) mumbling about their
> favorite band "Boston" and their "Favorite Song" i.e. "Long Time".
> What was played?  The cut before "Long Time" i.e. "Foreplay" and then
> "Long Time"  I know they're all one cut on the CD, but that ain't the
> way it was on the LP.  And the LP came first.  Only revisionist   
> consider them to be one song.  The same way ice cream stand clerks
> consider "WhippedCream'N'Nuts" to be one inseparable item.
> 5. Noon Top Of The Hour Jingle promoting "News - followed by more
> music".  Followed by "LOTS AND LOTS OF SILENCE".  Followed by another
> jingle touting "A Commercial Break - followed by more music".  Followed
> by "EVEN MORE LOTS OF SILENCE".  Followed by the News Sounder and a   
> mediocre newscast.
> All this in just the 2 hours I was listening.  I cringe to think of all
> the other gaffes (engineering and musical) I was fortunate enough to
> avoid.
> Very Little Effort put into what could have been a great promotion.
> This was just a contest.  To win a trip to Bermuda, all you had to do
> was:
> A. Listen "all day" on the 4th of July.
> B. Write down all 68 songs, artists and albums - in order.
> C. Listen to Marjorie & Company on Monday.
> D. Wait for the cue to call.
> E. Be the 68th caller.
> F. Answer the question correctly.
> The songs played were touted as being "voted" by the listeners.   
> mostly like WEGQ listeners.
> N.B. I worked there when it was "The Big 68" - how pitifully
> unprofessional you have become.
> Roger Kirk
> rkirk@videoserver.com