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We are getting as bad as the globe Re: WSBK was Ch 35

>On 4 July 1997 at 1:18 p.m., you wrote:
>>>Are duopolies permitted with TV stations?
>>I don't know, but I recall Scott Fybush reporting that, in Providence, at
>>least one (and maybe both) of the VHF stations have LMAed UHFs.
>Channel 10 (WPRO) in Providence operates the new WB affiliate, WLWC
>(channel 28), in an LMA.

I was working all weekend so when I came back there was tons of mail but I
noticed no one corrected this.  Channel 10 is WJAR television now owned by
NBC.  WPRO am and fm 630 and 92.3 respectively are owned by telemedia along
with other Providence stations.  On a side not someone I work with at WBZ
worked for the Outlet Company broadcasting which owned WJAR and I think
WHJJ  which was an early broadcast station and had the opportunity to be a
50kw station but only applied for the 5kw license.  The reason he said was
that The bosses at outlet said it was a waste of signal. Their goal was to
advertise their stores so why broadcast much beyond the RI boarder.

Talk to you soon