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Re: did you folks see this story?

At 11:36 PM 7/6/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Think there is any truth to this one?  It's a great week for rumours...
>The German media conglomerate Bertelsmann A.G. is refusing to confirm or
>deny rumors that it will join with "America Online" to acquire rival online
>service "CompuServe," which has lost money and subscribers in the past
>year, but which is still a significant competitor in the commercial Internet
>The Bertelsmann Group also owns B.M.G. (RCA) Records in America. 
>                             (New York Times 5 Jul 97)
It's not the first report I've heard of CIS being for sale. Isn't it owned
by H&R Block? I think they spun out CIS as a wholly-owned subsidiary with
separate stock. I thought that their idea was to distribute the stock to H&R
Block's shareholders. Selling CIS to another company, instead of
distributing the stock, would seem to be a strong possibility.

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