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Re: The ever-mysterious tower...

At 04:01 AM 7/6/97 +0000, you wrote:
>A question which I am curious to an answer for: On the Mass Pike, headed
>west, one passes a stall tower just past the Auburndale train stop. It is
>near a bus garage on the side of the road. (I think.) Since the WCRB
>studios are about a half-mile further up the road (you see them), I always
>presumed this is the WRCA (formerly WCRB-AM) tower. But, I thought 1330 had
>two towers? Can someone clear this up for me?
I think the tower you are referring to is a communications tower used by the
Mass Turnpike Authority. Those are the only towers I've ever noticed that
are within a couple of hundred feet of the Pike roadway. You are right about
WRCA having two towers. I don't know if they are plainly visible from the
Pike. They certainly are plainly visible from 128, less than 1/2 mile (I'm
guessing) north of the Mass Pike interchange. You can also get a very good
look at them from the rear of the Newton Marriott parking lot. The WRCA
towers are 300' tall and about 1/2 that distance apart on a roughly
northeast-to-southwest line. Only one tower is illuminated at night. The
actual site is at 750 South St in Waltham, just south of the Brandeis campus
and on the opposite side of the road. The WNTN tower, which is at 143
Rumford Ave in Newton, off Moody St on the Waltham line, is very near the
WRCA site. The WNTN tower is 210' tall and is illuminated at night. I've
never noticed the WNTN tower from the Pike. An interesting facet of the WNTN
tower and the WRCA towers is that all three are guy-wire top-loaded.
However, you'd have to have incredible eyesight to observe this while you
drove by.

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