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Re: WBOS adds '70's to playlist.

> I was in my car this AM (Fri 6/27) and flipped to 'BOS, and they played
> Eagles song from the '70, with a cart in advance anouncing something to
> effect of ...and now a rock song from the 70's (or something to that
> effect)..> 
> Maybe trying to squeeze between 'BMX and 'EGQ?> 
> No more "Rock of the 80's and 90's" moniker?

I caught a very slightly different mix driving around this noontime and
thought I heard that R - word, as well.  There does seem to be an audience
just waiting to switch back to BOS.  To their credit, over the past 2 yrs.
of *music* tinkering, they have not *format-switched* in a very unusual
progression.  Think about it - from the soft, ecclectic of the early 90s to
the 'Rock of the 80s & 90s', the songs still fade out, no talk-ups,
processing is still tuned for long-form (yes, the mod monitor actually has
some bounce b/w  -7 - 0 dB! - what courage ;-)   I would personally like to
be able to better discern b/w 92.5 and 92.9 a little better.  And since it
seems XRV is in this for the long-haul (as long as Joanne Doody stays, and
she tends to hang in there), then BOS might want to take back some of its
center of the 25-54 demo (versus lower end of it now.)  We'll see.