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Re: Two TV's in one market

>I'm not sure on the specifics, but Sinclar Broadcasting does own two
>full power stations in Baltimore and Pittsburgh. In Baltimore he owns
>Fox affiliated WBFF 45 and UPN 54 WNUV. I believe that he does use some
>loophole to operate both stations. I think the company fully owns WBFF,
>and 49% of WNUV, while the owner's mother owns the remaining 51% using
>his money.

Sinclair Broadcasting (the company) only owns ONE station. You have to own
at least 50% of something to be considered majority owner. In all
technicality, Mrs. Sinclair would be considered the owner of the other
station, even though he is the backer of the purchase. For example, if she
defaulted on her payments to him (of course unlikely) and he tried to come
in and foreclose, I would think he would be forced to sell one station or
the other. On using such sneaky methods of controlling two stations: If the
Justice Department in Maryland ever found out about that, couldn't he be
hit with some sanctions for trying to get a monopoly on the market? There's
a lot of difference between trying to hide some money in an asset and
taking over a station by means of an LMA.

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