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Re: miCroBSoft?

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> From: Dan Strassberg <dan.strassberg@worldnet.att.net>
> To: 'A. Joseph Ross' <lawyer@world.std.com>;
> Subject: Re: miCroBSoft?
> Date: Wednesday, July 02, 1997 7:21 AM
> At 03:43 AM 7/2/97 +0000, you wrote:
> >If Microsoft does buy CBS from Westinghouse, I suppose all of the now
> >stations will go with it -- including stations like WBZ and KDKA that
> >been Westinghouse owned forever.  That would be sad.
> >
> What a wonderful subject for months of speculation! Gates et al are
> on a corporate horde of $9 billion (not counting the even greater number
> billions in their personal stashes). Clearly, all the money is burning a
> hole in Microsoft's pocket. One can only hope that if Microsoft decides
> proceed with this acquisition, it will prove to be the company's undoing.
> can think of no company in American business today that--ahem--more
> deserves a comeuppance. What the hell do those geeks know about show
> As for Microsoft eventually owning the CBS radio stations--especially the
> AMs--I don't _think_ so! How much you wanna bet that if this deal ever
> down, the AMs at least (and perhps the FMs) go on the block within a
> of weeks? One or more of the big radio groups will pick them up. Gates is
> fixated on NEW media; I can't see him hanging onto properties in an
> out-of-favor 80-year-old medium. (Well, maybe I am naive. The CBS AMs are
> quite profitable, and Gates loves money. OTOH, he appears to love power
> the cachet of being both a techno-wonk and the world's richest man even
> As for Westinghouse no longer owning heritage stations such as WBZ and
> wasn't that in the cards anyhow? Didn't Westinghouse announce months ago
> that it was divesting itself of CBS? Wasn't the plan to give each
> Westinghouse shareholder a proportional share of CBS stock? So if the
> spinoff goes through, CBS will in no way be rid of predators like Gates,
> can then tender for the outstanding shares. If the price is right, the
> shareholders will vote to sell. And even in the absence of a tender offer
> other form of buyout, once Westinghouse and CBS have separate, publicly
> traded stock, it will be a matter of only microseconds before the two
> companies have demonstrably different ownership. 
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