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Re: Donna's amazing adventure

Several nice folks wrote, offering use of a 78 rpm player-- I thank them!

I think Emerson has one too-- it turns out there are two shows she recorded,
one of which is a recreation of what she did at WGI.  WEEI did a reunion
show, back in 1937, a memorial to the early days of radio and to their own
beginnings-- they brought back a lot of people who had been on in those
days... I'm trying to get my hands on that acetate too.  Thanks for the kind
offer-- let me see if the Emerson College media centre has a 78 player... It
will be amazing to hear her.  If it's interesting and the quality is good
enough to understand (!), I can make some cassette dubs for everyone-- even
a re-creation is better than nothing...  What an incredible thing to find!