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Re: WDLW-1330

...... so Acton hired a new GM (Bill McCarthy (the same
>22-year-old Norm Natham used to talk about!))

>They had a super sales effort especially AFTER WBOS turned country, and
>4/5ths of the listeners were gone....   I once then asked GM Bill McCarthy:
> "How many suckers (potential advertisers) do you think are out there who
>would spend $$$ to advertise on a station whose audience had gone to WBOS?"
> His answer was a quite professionally said "(holding up the Boston Yellow
>Pages in his hand) THIS is how many."     Guess he was right.
>They had probably a sales staff of 4 or 5.  And they DID sell.  Pretty
>amazing.  McCarthy did his job.

        Is that the same Bill McCarthy who today manages WNRB for Communicom?

Wayne Carter
Great Commission Broadcasting
J-Light 1060am

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