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NorthEast Radio Watch 6/26: The Reaction to Dodge

Scott Fybush writes in the latest NERW:

>Number-three Clear Channel is represented in Providence
>(WWBB/WWRX) and Springfield (WHYN AM-FM), along with majority
>interests in Albany's WQBK AM/FM/WQBJ and WXCR.  
>SFX checks in at number seven, with its clusters of
>stations in Hartford, New Haven, Springfield, Providence, and Albany.

I think I might have missed a sale here someplace.  Last I knew, Clear 
Channel had WELI (AM), WKCI (FM) and WAVZ (AM) in New Haven.  They picked 
up the latter two after the ownership rules were relaxed, but have owned 
WELI for about 15 years or so.  Did Clear Channel sell these three to 
someone along the line?

Ed Hennessy