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Re: PK: RE: What to do now?

> Originally from: "Jorge L. Baro'" <miamipi@gate.net>
> I am now 36 years old (as of yesterday). Was "saved" at the age of 13
at a
> youth retreat. I now realize that my salvation never made it to my
> Though baptized before our non denominational church, I continued my
> relationships with a number of the girls in our church. 

I tuned into your post Jorge, because I too met the Lord in my teen
years (age 15).  

Funny, my experience was the opposite....At that age, coming to the Lord
....we thought that S-E-X was the MOST *heinous* of all sins...

So, in my situation, after hearing about the Lord, Salvation and Eternal
Fire..(i.e. hell)...I was made to think that if I ever looked at a girl
the wrong way, that I would have committed the worst sin I was capable

(So, I guess in my situation...Sex was a topic that was covered....many
would say OVER-emphasized...but certainly a message that wasn't missed..

Also, I thought I would be ostracized from my Christian friends if I
ever had sex with a girl....So my Christian friends would have never
'covered for me'...

> I, on the other hand, had attended
> very many different church's as a youth. At every one, I had sexual

For me, the Lord kept me a celebate teen.  And years later I ended up
marrying a girl from that Church!  And we waited until our wedding night
....(Which is a night I will remember!)