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Re: Giveaway at WJIB

Hello Everyone:

We had a good time at the radio-paraphenalia giveaway at WJIB last Monday
night.  Bumper stickers went fast (most of them); but there's still some
stuff left over.  Anyone on the net can make an appointment with me if they
are interested in any of the remaining items;  which are:

* Broadcasting Magazines  1991-1994  (3 boxes full)
* Ratings books from Boston, Worcester, Portland, Augusta (mostly 1980's)
          (2 boxes full)
* Reel-to-Reel tapes, mostly 5" reels, some 7" reels.  Have mostly
commercials or 
          programs on them, but are best used for re-use.  Most in their
          About 1,500 of them!!!!!
* Broadcast carts (all in need of repair; mostly pressure pads); about  90 of

Anyone interested in these will have to pick them up at 443 Concord Avenue,
Cambridge (about 1000' east of Fresh Pond Circle) at WJIB, by appointment.

See ya!

Bob Bittner          a.k.a. 'jibguy'