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Rock Garden

Speaking of the old WCGY Lawrence (93.7), funny how the (original) Eagle
format closely resembled the old Rock Garden mix that was played.  There's
a station licensed to a city in decline where the xmtr is now miles north
(?Middleton), the studio is even further away than that (Copley Sq.)

99.5 WSSH when Wish moved studios from Lowell to Woburn when they actually
had to maintain a news booth in Lowell (leased from former AM sister and
bcast over a 5k loop.  They also maintained a Lowell number ringing to
Woburn and a public inspection file in a file cabinet somewhere near the
news booth in Lowell.  That ended shortly after that.  I forget the news
guys name who worked with Jordan Rich, but they had rigged a talkback line
with the loop arrangement and made him show up for work in Lowell only to 
rip and read Mass and National heads from the AP.