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Cosine vs cosine squared (Was Re: more exciting Boston radio dates)

At 11:25 AM 5/7/97 +0000, you wrote:

>The old night pattern was a classic three-tower modified cosine-squared.

Oops. I think I meant cosine--not cosine squared. Isn't a polar plot of the
cosine function a circle tangent to the origin? Think so. That's what I meant.

The cosine of  zero degrees is +1. the cosine of 180 degrees is -1. Plot
both points in polar coordinates and you get the same point. OTOH, the
cosine SQUARED of 0 degrees is +1. So is the cosine squared of 180 degrees.
Plot both of these points in polar coordinates and you get two points at
opposite ends of the horizontal axis. The polar plot of the cosine-squared
function is a figure eight. That is NOT what I meant.

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