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RE: Top 40 on WBZ (Was First with Rock)

Jim Hall wrote:
>WBZ was much rockier at night, however, than during Carl de Suze's or   
>Maynard's shows.

In Maine, WBZ was the best station I could get during the day. (MEX , KBW   
and PTR only came in at night.)  I remember Carl DeSuze and his   
"dissertation" on "The Twister" - a tongue-in-cheek commentary on "The   
Twist".  Funny, but skewed towards the "Adult" view rather than the   
Teen's view.  Anybody have a tape?

Martin J. Waters wrote:
>...and used snippets of  "I Put on a Spell on You" by Screamin' Jay   
Hawkins as drops.

I remember Carl (perhaps others, too) using a verse & chorus from Peter   
Seller's "They're Moving Grandpa's Grave" as a drop (took me 20 years to   
find out what it was and get a copy of it).  They also had a song(?)   
snippet that said "Rub your belly with linseed oil and wrap your head   
with aluminum foil" - anybody know where that comes from?  Have a copy?