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I'd like to comment on a couple of things I heard yesterday on LTAR.
There was a discussion about what was going to happen to "Music of Your
Life" stations as the older people die off and the Baby Boomers get older.
Someone said they'd probably start playing things like Simon and
Garfunkle, etc.

Give a listen.  That's just what they're already doing!  You can hear some
of the slower and more mellow Everly Brothers records, Elvis, etc., and
occasionally a Big Band record.

Now, as one of the "nice" lawyers who listens to LTAR, I'd like to point
out that it isn't lawyers that's making the world more hostile at every
turn.  In fact, the so-called "Litigation explosion" is largely a myth. 
Case filings have been level or dropping for a number of years now.  They
grew mainly with the coming of age of the Baby Boom.  And most statistics
on civil case filings tend to lump together major tort cases, contract
disputes, divorces, small claims, evictions, etc.

Finally, may I suggest, Bob, that when you have that radio memorabilia
givaway in a couple of weeks, you provide some simple name tags for us
all?  This sounds like a wonderful way that we can all meet one another.

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