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WNHC / WTNH / Ch. 6 / Ch. 8

First of all, I thank everyone for indulging me and clarifying my many 
thoughts and questions on Connecticut area TV.  I have a lot of memories 
and such, but not a lot of data.  It was very helpful--thanks.

Secondly, Martin Waters responded to my post on a possible WTNH/WNHC-TV 
translator on Channel 6:

>                Perhaps what you are remembering is that WNHC / WTNH was 
>channel 6 when it signed on in 1948, but was moved to channel 8 a little
>later--maybe around 1953, or maybe even earlier than that. It was part of
>the reshuffling that was necessary when they realized they had placed some
>co-channel stations too close to each other. 

I hadn't realized there were allocation shifts in some of the smaller 
markets in this period.  But this is definitely not the period I was 
referring to, especially since I'm not old enough to have been alive when 
the allocations switched!

I would have remembered seeing WNHC-TV or WTNH programming on channel 6 in 
the mid 1970s.  There's always the possibility I'm mis-remembering this 
(and I've proven my memory is definitely fallible...  :-)  

Ed Hennessy