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Where is WUNI?

  I have noticed that WUNI channel 27 has been off the air since one day
after the large storm. I don't know if there are technical difficulties not
permitting any good reception in my area (South Shore) but I have been
noting the messages apologizing for technical difficulties (in English :})
appearing more and more often. 
  Also, about the new proposed CityVision program trying to revamp WHSH - is
this ever going to be? I have noticed the quite pathetic NewsBreak 66 which
features a lady sitting at a covered over card table with a painted wall
behind her reading a file card but heck -  it is local!
  WLWC sent me a reply in E-Mail in response to my question about the
station - they are to be airing (hopefully) Sunday, probably signing on near
5:30. Pity I have to go somewhere - set the Betamax!
  Plus, anyone know what happened to Andy Gilmore, from the former WJIB-FM?
h Barry