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Broadcast Discussion on Ham Radio

Hi everyone!
I would like to know how many Amateur operators there are in the BRI/NERW
Please send directly to me. I have access to a wide coverage Amateur
radio repeater
system where we could get on one night a week and discuss "Broadcast
Stuff". The
system covers all of Mass.,RI, most of CT, NH, So. Maine, and a few areas
in So. VT
and Eastern NY.  Many of you who are not hams would also be able to
listen in on
a scanner. Possible times for this are Tues or Fri. nights around 8-10 pm
This could be a lot of fun as I can tell from the postings that many of
you, like myself,
really enjoy talking about radio history, and new happenings too!!
Mark Casey         Hampden, Mass  (just east of Springfield)
n1lzc@juno.com    or  map@map.com