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WITS....and their famous 50kw upgrade...

>We are all due to remember the famous WITS....for
>years they talked about a power increase to fulltime 50kw...  When it
>did come...the signal only changed over the water... !!!

Not true. Because of the _lack_ of a salt water path and the abysmal soil
conductivity in the vicinity of the Waltham site, the daytime signal actually
suffered, notwithstanding the half-wave towers at the Waverly Oaks location.
towers in Squantum were only quarter wave.) However, the 50 kW nighttime
definitely improved reception in most of the market. 

Debatable....Going north on 93 at night...Once I step outside of 128 they are
tough to listen to.  

Whatever the facts...Seeing that WITS/WMRE, etc...went downhill pretty fast
after that...I don't think they ever made back the dough$$$ that they shelled
out for the site/signal upgrade...

Paul Kelley was there then wasn't he?  I remember hearing from his son that
the folks at 1510 were dissappointed with the end results of their upgrade.
 Apparently they were told/sold a plan that would give them a signal
comparable to WRKO and WBZ.....