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Re: Channel 50/....and Channel 66

Gary said:

>I find that the addition of another UHF shopping channel IS NOT in the public 

I'm not sure that anything can be done to change the sale of WNDS, BUT, I have 
heard that major plans are underway to convert all Silver King- O&O Home 
Shopping Network affiliates ( Among those WHSH/66 in Boston) to local-intensive 
non-shopping programming.  The project, called "CityVision", will supposedly 
start in Miami on WYHS, and consist of LOCAL programs tailored to each specific 
market; In Miami's case, it means shows catering to the English-speaking, second 
and third generation US natives of Hispanic descent.  I don't know what's in 
store for Boston, but if you read the latest (or one of the latest) issues of 
Broadcasting, you'll find an article that talks about Silver King, and their 
searching for a complete editing/production package for their O&Os.  It's all 
part of investor Barry Diller's plans.

Hmmm.. Maybe the return of "V-66"?

- --Tony

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