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Banned in Boston

Those of you who live in and around Boston may recall all of the sound and
fury recently by Mayor Menino who was shocked, shocked by the fact that kids
were using the Internet at the Boston Public library to access obscene
material.  So, with help from CyberPatrol, all Boston Public Schools and
libraries are now protected from this filthy material.  On the banned list
is the web-site of the Ontario Council on Religious Tolerance, one of the
most factual and objective resources for information on all the world's
religions.  I for one feel much better now that I know kids can't learn
about tolerance.  In case you want to be equally horrified, the URL is:


Now that few radio stations have investigative reporting anymore, and since
this story isn't about OJ or Madonna, I doubt we'll hear much about it, but
I just thought I'd share it with you... (I e-mailed CyberPatrol which
acknowledged that yes, this site is banned; the reasoning was that it has a
page which explains what cults are... evidently it is felt that explaining
something is the same thing as encouraging people to join it???  Pity,
because it also has a page for Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc--
all written by educators and quite informative.  I use it sometimes as a
resource for my world religions course, but then, I guess I should be
ashamed of myself...)