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Re: Shadow Traffic question

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> From: Mark Shneyder <mshbc@bu.edu>
> To: bri <bri@mercury.lcs.mit.edu>
> Subject: Shadow Traffic question
> Date: Tuesday, April 01, 1997 2:21 PM
> > Also, it's really easy to confuse WBOS and WXRV thesedays and not
> because of stations' suchclose proximity on the dial and similarity in
> formats -- it also seems that both have identical station clocks for 
> traffic reports. And, when Metro's Frankie Stuart happens to deliver 
> cuztomized traffic repoprts(on tape) on both stations at the same time, 
> who can tell the difference between the two signals?! :-)

Curious to hear from you about the REAL differences b/w the two signals,
e.g., average salaries, union vs. non-union, projected
time-frames/life-spans of their formats and other markers??  My guess is a
long life for XRV's format, not so for BOS.  Wages must be miles apart
(barely making it-money vs. decent house in the 'burbs).  I was a ptimer at
the old HDH when ZOU did a studio swap with BOS to Stuart St.  I recall
word that BOSers were paid way under the COZ/ZOUers who then were under a
very nice union contract with then-sister HDH.  Not sure.
The results should beg a curious point: if the differences are THAT vast,
is the quality, as well?