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AM radio does live news!!!

Mark wrote:
>During the 8 o'clock newscast on WBZ tonight, Metro Network's Jack Hart
>signed off with a long goodbye(to WBZ listeners, staffers, sponsors,etc).
>This was Metro's last traffic update on 'BZ. The next traffic update will
>come from Shadow(probably sometime around midnite, after the end of
>NCAA game...)

What was really amusing was hearing live on the hour news on WBZ all night
because of the snow storm.  I called Don Huff in the newsroom and we
kibbitzed about it--normally, Bob Raleigh just rips and reads overnight, I
guess... our power went out in Quincy due to the storm, so there I was
huddled around some candles, listening to my transistor-- reminded me of the
'old days' when people turned to radio for news and information, and
depended on them.  Were any of you around during "Hurricane Carol"-- without
transistor radios, we would all have been totally cut off from life because
the power was out for days...  Anyway, too bad radio has by and large given
up its news commitment.  Yes, reading the storm center closings in boring,
but Don was doing real news-- calling various power companies for
actualities, interviewing people about how the storm had affected them... ah
the good old days when radio did that all the time...  sigh...