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Re: WVNJ, Oakland NJ

At 06:47 AM 3/31/97 +0000, you wrote:
>This isn't the original holder of the WVNJ heritage calls. (I thought to
>look this up because I remember WVNJ from growing up in the 60s in
>Brooklyn, and it sure didn't match this pattern or dial slot.) The original
>WVNJ was at 620 -- it became WSKQ in the 80s, I believe.
I too, grew up listening to the original WVNJ and all those incessent PI ads
for TVs and vacuum cleaners. (In New York, call COrtland 7-1212; that's CO
COrtland 7-1212; in New Jersey, call MI--Mitchell 3-8888.) _That_ WVNJ is
now WXLX. Allegedly it has been sold along with two other Spanish
Broadcasting AMs (in Miami Springs FL and Los Angeles) to One-On-One Sports
Network. WXLX holds a CP to move to Rutherford with 3 kW-D and 7.6 kW-N. The
new TX will be much closer to New York than the current location in
Springfield, so the daytime signal may not suffer in the city despite the
lower day power. I assume the lower power permits a relaxed pattern, while
still protecting WIP in Philly on 610.

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